About Revigate

The Extra Set of Hands Your Revenue Cycle Team Needs

Unlike many larger firms, Revigate doesn't just give advice. Our team of operators actually do the work required to achieve your objectives.

We employ experienced revenue cycle operators


All of us are former revenue cycle leaders


We love solving revenue cycle's biggest problems

Our Purpose

Revigate exists to help healthcare revenue cycle teams achieve peak performance.
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Solve complex revenue cycle challenges.


Give revenue cycle teams their bandwidth back.


Make healthcare more efficient, less wasteful.


Give revenue cycle leaders confidence in decisions.


Bring cohesion to divided revenue cycle & IT teams.

What Makes Revigate Different?

Most firms employ consultants with generalized knowledge and little to no real-world revenue cycle experience. Their job is to sell generic solutions, but your challenges require a trained eye to diagnose and customized solutions to resolve.
Revigate couldn't be more different; employing revenue cycle experts with decades of experience leading positive change within healthcare organizations. Here you will find no cookie-cutter services, only customized solutions to your biggest challenges.
Teamwork makes the dream work.by Dylan Gillis

Our Story

It Started When Our Founder Decided Enough Was Enough

After 15+ years in revenue cycle management, our founder John Freeman felt compelled to solve one big problem; competing priorities and lack of resources causing revenue cycle teams to fall behind.

As an executive revenue cycle leader, his teams were always being asked to do more with less. There was no way out of this vicious cycle...

John envisioned a company that could partner with revenue cycle teams, solve their bandwidth problems, and create operational efficiencies never before seen by many health systems. Revigate was born!

Meet The Revigate Leaders

Revigate’s senior staff is comprised of former revenue cycle leaders from some of the nation's leading health systems.