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We guide hospitals and health systems on their journey with Epic to minimize hiccups and maximize their investment.
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For Revenue Cycle Teams
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Because we know that even small decisions made during implementation have downstream consequences, we approach Epic implementation through the lens of revenue cycle to optimize performance from day one.
For IT Teams
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We translate business requirements into clear, functional specs for IT in order to reduce scope creep and project management time.
For Leadership
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We deliver the right data at the right time to help you make informed decisions, simplifying the complexities of an Epic implementation.
For End-Users
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A more efficient system saves time, saves money, and allows your team to focus on work that has the greatest impact.
When Epic Implementation Goes Wrong
Epic implementation is complex puzzle, and missing pieces can lead to severe consequences.
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Reduced Performance
A poorly implemented EHR can lead to a backslide in key financial metrics, workflow inefficiencies, and user dissatisfaction.
Organizational Conflict
Finger-pointing, departmental conflict, and staff burnout are the result of a disjointed implementation.
Hidden Cost
A inadequate Epic implementation leads to rework, missed goals, and additional investment to clean up the mess.
Compliance Risk
Errors can lead to regulatory violations, jeopardizing your facility's legal and financial standing.
Reduced ROI
Epic is a massive investment; hiccups and slowdowns in implementation drastically reduce your return on investment.

Why You Need An Epic Implementation Partner

Standard Implementation
Typical Consultants
Project Management
Out of The Box Install
Basic Reporting
Custom Executive Reports & Dashboards
Led by Revenue Cycle Experts
Clear Guidance on Best-Practices
Collaborative Relationship w/ Epic Leadership
Third-Party Tools Integration & Support

Our EPIC Implementation Process

We take a holistic approach to Epic implementation to bolster the revenue cycle and maximize your return on investment.

Typical Engagement: 12-18 months


We meet with you to learn about your situation, needs, and objectives.


We dig deeper and develop a customized plan, including timelines and budgets.


Our implementation team gets to work doing what they do best.


Before and after go-live, our team of Epic-certified consultants ensures that everyone is trained and confident in properly using Epic.

Don't Take Our Word For It
Robert Rodgers

VP Revenue Cycle Optimization

Revigate has expert knowledge improving healthcare revenue cycle. They have led business transformation while maintaining strong stakeholder engagement. Their approach makes even the more challenging initiatives fun.

Tom Hanson

AVP Operational Excellence

Revigate employed industry leading RCM expertise to help us understand our biggest opportunities, benchmarks for comparisons, as well as recommendations on precisely where and how to improve.

Kathy Bereston

VP Patient Access Services

Revigate's deep knowledge of all aspects of revenue cycle has helped to identify and improve processes, implement automation, and build highly functional teams.

Ryann Holloway

VP Revenue & Payor Management

Thanks to Revigate's experience & attention to our needs, we were able to fill critical gaps in our staff and strategic programs. And because we engaged the right talent we were able to deliver successfully.

Rich Nagy

VP Managed Care

Revigate has been a huge asset to our team! I would recommend them for any revenue cycle consulting assignment.

Susan Garcia

Senior Vice President

With a broad knowledge base, Revigate is able to provide expertise in all areas of revenue cycle. They are extremely collaborative and engaging and will ensure any project is completed timely and accurately.

Chris DeRubbo

Director, Physician Billing & Integration

The Revigate team is very knowledgeable in revenue cycle operations and provide quick and concise evaluation of your operations to optimize workflow and increase cash flow!

Rachel Verville

Chief Revenue Officer

Revigate provides resources of the highest quality with broad and deep subject matter expertise, management experience, and a level of professionalism that is unmatched in the industry.

Suzanne Haggard

Chief Revenue Officer

Revigate provide an exceptional level of customer service to their clients. Highly recommend Revigate!

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