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Revenue Cycle Consultants That Do The Heavy Lifting

Revigate is a boutique revenue cycle consulting firm specialized in performance optimization with a focus on technology. We're revenue cycle experts ready to roll up our sleeves and get the work done to improve your revenue cycle for the long-term.
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The Extra Set of Hands Your Revenue Cycle Team Needs
Revigate provides the revenue cycle experts you need to successfully execute your most critical initiatives.

Epic Implementation

Implement the industry's leading EHR with our team of Epic-Certified Consultants.
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Epic Optimization

Maximize your Epic investment and achieve optimal performance.
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Revenue Cycle Consulting

Strategic vision and execution from a strong team of revenue cycle leaders.
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When Your Revenue Cycle Isn't Optimized

With shrinking margins, increased regulatory pressures and worsening labor challenges, having a well-oiled revenue cycle is critical to your organization's success.

Delayed or Lost Cash

Billing inefficiencies, increased days in AR, and high rates of denials impede the timely collection of revenue.

Increased Cost to Collect

Billing errors, denials, and the additional administrative burden to combat inefficiencies drives up cost to collect.

Negative Patient Experience

Billing inaccuracies, prolonged payment processes, and a lack of transparency results in frustrated and dissatisfied patients.

Staff Turnover

Frustration, job dissatisfaction, and burnout caused by inefficiencies all contribute to worsening staff turnover.

Revenue Cycle Consulting & Technology Solutions

We know revenue cycle inside and out and provide tailored consulting built from real-world experience, not a classroom.

We’re Doers, Not Career Consultants.


We employ experienced revenue cycle operators


We're not box-checkers, we're leaders driving change


We love solving the revenue cycle's biggest problems

You Get Our A-Team
We Don't Hire B-Players

Revigate’s staff is comprised of healthcare experts with decades of experience leading teams, developing strategies, and optimizing the revenue cycle at leading health systems.

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Phil -
Patient Access Guru
Illustration of Philip Williams, Senior Consultant at Revigate.
Alisha -
Mid Rev Cycle Queen
Illustration of Alisha Stanford, Senior Consultant at Revigate.
Chad -
Data Wiz
Illustration of Chad Kallal, Senior Consultant at Revigate.
Abi -
Transplant Master
Illustration of Abigail Witchel, Senior Consultant at Revigate.
John -
Chief Rev Cycle Nerd
Illustration of John Freeman, President at Revigate.
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Ditch The Clipboard Consultants

While other firms stand on the sidelines, Revigate plays on the field with you. Career consultants from the big firms haven't walked in your shoes, we have.

We don't

Provide generic, unactionable advice.
Bill for unnecessary time.
Convince you to invest in low-impact initiatives.

We do

Deliver practical strategies to fix problems.
Become an extension of your team.
Execute critical, high-impact initiatives.
Communicate clearly and prioritize staff buy-in.
Don't Take Our Word For It
Robert Rodgers

VP Revenue Cycle Optimization

Revigate has expert knowledge improving healthcare revenue cycle. They have led business transformation while maintaining strong stakeholder engagement. Their approach makes even the more challenging initiatives fun.

Tom Hanson

AVP Operational Excellence

Revigate employed industry leading RCM expertise to help us understand our biggest opportunities, benchmarks for comparisons, as well as recommendations on precisely where and how to improve.

Kathy Bereston

VP Patient Access Services

Revigate's deep knowledge of all aspects of revenue cycle has helped to identify and improve processes, implement automation, and build highly functional teams.

Ryann Holloway

VP Revenue & Payor Management

Thanks to Revigate's experience & attention to our needs, we were able to fill critical gaps in our staff and strategic programs. And because we engaged the right talent we were able to deliver successfully.

Rich Nagy

VP Managed Care

Revigate has been a huge asset to our team! I would recommend them for any revenue cycle consulting assignment.

Susan Garcia

Senior Vice President

With a broad knowledge base, Revigate is able to provide expertise in all areas of revenue cycle. They are extremely collaborative and engaging and will ensure any project is completed timely and accurately.

Chris DeRubbo

Director, Physician Billing & Integration

The Revigate team is very knowledgeable in revenue cycle operations and provide quick and concise evaluation of your operations to optimize workflow and increase cash flow!

Rachel Verville

Chief Revenue Officer

Revigate provides resources of the highest quality with broad and deep subject matter expertise, management experience, and a level of professionalism that is unmatched in the industry.

Suzanne Haggard

Chief Revenue Officer

Revigate provide an exceptional level of customer service to their clients. Highly recommend Revigate!

Work With Revigate and We'll Guarantee the Following

As former operators, we've been in your shoes and have helped some of the largest health systems in the country turn their revenue cycle around for the better.

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No Holds Barred
Our job isn’t done until your problem is solved. We will stop at nothing to make sure you are satisfied with our work.
Total Honesty
You're going to know about all discoveries, wins, and bumps in the road as we complete our work. No saving face, full transparency.
No Copy / Paste
Your organization is unique, we won't put you in a "bucket" and offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We customize our approach to suit your needs.
ROI Focus
Everything we do is focused on generating a proven, positive ROI for your organization. If we don't think we can do that, we'll tell you upfront.